ADCECO GROUP is looking for International reputed well-established firms to come to Abu Dhabi and join the Group. There are four ways to cooperate:-

• Sponsorship:

ADCECO GROUP can sponsor international firms who wish to open a branch office in Abu Dhabi. A sponsorship agreement will be signed between ADCECO GROUP and the International firm. The firm should rent an office in Abu Dhabi to get a trade license and commercial registration. ADCECO GROUP will get small percentage fees paid pro-rata actual receivals of moneys from the client (more details upon request).

• Representation:

ADCECO GROUP can represent international firms in U.A.E. By providing information on projects, services or products they offer. Firms do not need to be present in Abu Dhabi. An agreed fee or agent’s price is offered to ADCECO GROUP who follows the marketing in the territory (More details upon request).

• Partnership:

ADCECO GROUP can join the international firms whom we sponsor or represent after the first two years of operation depending on the mutual agreement between the two parties. Some types of activities require local majority participations. (More details upon request).

• Joint Ventures:

ADCECO GROUP can get into a specific one-project joint venture with an international firm. A one-project agreement is signed exclusively to execute such a project. Usually such agreements give the full execution of work to the international firm and the local assistance to ADCECO GROUP (more details upon request).

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