International Formation And Construction

A sponsored firm by ADCECO GROUP.

International Formation & Construction (IFC Foundations) is one of the leading piling and foundation companies in the United Arab Emirates.

IFC is a Gibralter based company, which was formed in 1987 under the sponsorship of M/S ADCECO GROUP of Companies.

The range of equipment included different piling systems to cover a wide range of applications i.e. Bored Pile with Temporary Casing, Bored Pile with Continuous Flight Auger System, Micro Piles, Shoring systems either temporary or permanent by means of Steel H-Beams.

Contact Address:

P. O. Box 70303
Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates
Telephone: 00971-2-621 73 27
Fax: 00971-2-634 63 64

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